On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – Day 1

I promised to take you with me on my journey to becoming Good Morning America’s 21st Century Advice Guru.  This is the first of four sample advice questions on the job application:

What’s the best advice you have ever given? What was the result? (150 words or less)

Following is my response.

I pondered these questions for days, “What’s the best advice you have ever given? What was the result?” Here’s what I’ve discovered.  Advice does not have to be profoundly life changing to be good.  The soundest advice I have given may be the bits and pieces that come in the course of  an ordinary day.  Advice like “flush and wash your hands,” “say please and thank you,” “make eye contact,”  “don’t pick your nose,” and “chew with your mouth closed,” seems insignificant, but where would we be without it?  It’s hard to pinpoint the absolute best advice I’ve ever given (especially in less than 150 words), but I think I’ll choose, “Be careful with that stick or you’ll poke out your brother’s eye.” As a result, each of my sons still has both eyes intact so I would say that was some darn good advice.  Now go eat your vegetables.

I welcome your comments and remember I waive my right to invoke the IFCSSN Rule.  Oh!  And don’t forget to vote…Antoinette Datoc for GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru!


6 thoughts on “On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – Day 1

  1. How about this:
    If you find yourself having to justify an act, it’s probably not the right thing to do.
    (courtesy of Coach Chance Beam and probably someone wiser before him)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. As you know I have given this advice to both of our boys, “If you have to lie to your parents about something you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

  3. I am still “digesting” Frozen Pizza…having a little difficulty keeping up…guess I need to stay home more!!!

    “Finish strong”…Coach Geoff Nolan to his favorite pitcher…now it applies to everything!!!

    PS Go Braves

  4. Ant, Just read all your entries and I think ur on 2 something! You are very good at expressing ur thoughts and I’d start to watch GMA if you where on as the “advice guru”. You definitely are entertaining. As you write you make me think about my kids and our experiences together and what us ordinary people can do to be extra-ordinary!! Until the next entry! Have a super night!

  5. Thanks, Sham! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog! If you look to the margin on the far right you will see something titled email subscription. You can register and receive email notifications every time I add a new post. I’m trying to do it daily, but you know, sometimes ordinary life seems to get in the way!

  6. I watch Good Morning American every day. I like the show and I think you would be an asset. Good luck, know you can do it.

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