On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – day 4

I promised  to take you with me on my journey to becoming Good Morning America’s 21st Century Advice Guru.  This is the fourth of four sample advice questions on the job application:

What would you tell this person: “My boss keeps taking credit for my ideas. What should I do?” (150 words or less)

Following is my response.

Here’s what pops into my glass-half-full-wired-brain, “Congratulations!  You obviously have fantastic ideas!”  After percolating, I conclude this.  YOUR BOSS IS A SCHMUCK.  This combination makes the time ripe for finding a new job.  However, it’s risky, particularly in today’s economy.  TAKE IT SLOW.  Update your resume.  Assess the job market.  Have a plan.  Where do you see yourself in five years?  Ten?  Decide whether making a change or staying put affords the best strategy for achieving your goals.  In the meantime, protect yourself from idea-stealing letches!

Avoid solos meetings.  Find credible reasons to include coworkers.  Immediately document what transpires by emailing all those in attendance and their superiors. Prudently keep everyone “in the loop.”  Real agenda: covering your patootie.

Just for fun, “earnestly” seek advice from your boss.  Ask HIM how HE would handle discovering some one was stealing HIS ideas.  Smile.  He’ll know you’re onto him.  Watch him squirm.

Well folks, that’s the last of the sample advice questions.  I am now preparing a 300-word essay explaining why I am “tailored-made” to fill GMA’s Advice Guru position.  Phew. I’m already sweating over it.  This is no easy task and I need your help.  Pretend for a minute that you are the ABC bigwig in charge of selecting the applicants who will move on to the second phase of the search process.  What sort of person are you looking for?  Now think about me.  What is it about Antoinette Datoc that makes her the perfect Advice Guru?  As always, I waive my right to invoke the IYCSSN Rule in soliciting your opinions.   I welcome your comments.  Oh!  And don’t forget to vote…Antoinette Datoc for GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru!


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