On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – day 5

I promised to take you with me on my journey to becoming Good Morning America’s 21st Century Advice Guru.  Following is my 300 word essay explaining why I am “tailor-made”  for the Position of Advice Guru

I’m enraptured by the likes of Emily Post and Ann Landers.  I grew up on the stuff.   Where would we be without Heloise and her helpful hints?  How would we clean our irons or tackle those lipstick and red wine stains?  Or worse, how would we function without knowing the ten unconventional ways to use pantyhose?  I can’t enjoy my morning coffee without a daily dose of Dear Abby and I know I’m not alone.  People love advice columns.  There is comfort in knowing we are not alone in our problems.

I am a natural-born advice giver and it’s a good thing because for as long as I can remember people have come to me for advice.  I write a daily blog called Just Another Ordinary Day (adatoc.wordpress.com).  It’s ninety percent humorous anecdote and ten percent philosophy drawn from simple observations made during the course of ordinary life.  Each day when I settle down to write my piece, I turn on the computer and am amazed to find comments like, “You hit the nail on the head,” or “This should be required reading for all men!” waiting for me.  My knack for pointing out the little things that transcend all human experience is what inspires those “aha” moments.  If I had to sum it up in one word it would be empathy.  I am a smart problem solver, but most important I am empathetic.

I am a natural-born advice giver.  I am a 1984 Yale graduate with a degree in psychology.  “What,” you must be wondering, “has she been doing all this time?”  Supporting my husband through medical school.  Raising a family.  26 years later and here I am going for the Guru.  If practical advice with a dash of humor is the brand you’re after, I’m your gal.

I welcome your comments and as always I waive my right to invoke the IYCSSN Rule.  However, please remember to apply the “Large Butt” caveat  (see post dated 9/23/10) with respect to any future comments made about the photos which I will be posting for your review shortly.   Oh!  And don’t forget to vote.


3 thoughts on “On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – day 5

  1. Can’t imagine anyone is better qualified to render advice to the loyal am audience of GMA…you had me at “natural born advice giver”!!

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