Advice Guru Fantasy World, Here I Come Again!

You are absolutely not going to believe what I have to report today.  Are you ready?  It’s possible that I may still have a shot at the Good Morning America Advice Guru job!  Really!  On Monday, October 25, while I was busy licking my wounds, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos gave an on-air update on the advice guru search initiative.  It seems that there are actually 15,000 applicants for the job, not 10,000 as was previously reported.  Whoever is leading the search initiative decided to deviate from the original plan to have initial phone interviews completed by Friday, October 22 because they need more time to read  all the applications.  According to Robin and George (yes, yes we’re back to friendly first names again and yes I’m packing up the t-shirts right now) the date now has been extended by a “few” weeks which, if my calculation is correct, is somewhere in the neighborhood of November 8.  I’M ON SUCH AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!  First no news is good news.  Then, no news is bad news.  Now, no news is good news again!  I CAN’T TAKE IT!  Yes I can.  No I can’t.  YES, I CAN!

There’s a video clip on the ABC News website titled “GMA” Advice Guru’s 15,000 Submissions, with a subtitle that reads, “Teachers, nurses, hairdressers, bartenders, and stay-at-home moms applied.”  Oh-my-gosh!  They even mention me (stay-at-home mom).  See for yourself if you don’t believe me. * I’m famous!  ADVICE GURU FANTASY WORLD HERE I COME AGAIN!  Take a deep breath.  Remain calm.  Here’s the new plan.  ABC is working hard to sift through all 15,000 applications (pool play).  They will cull down to a few hundred quarter-finalists, then down to a few dozen semi-finalists who will appear on air.  At that point viewers will be encouraged to provide feedback and ultimately will vote to select the ten finalists.   I’M SO EXCITED!

If you’re a faithful follower of Just Another Ordinary Day, you’ll know that I was a little…hmmm let’s see, how should I phrase it…sour-grapey on Monday, right?  Now, there’s something you need to know about me.  I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, on Monday I over reacted just a teensy-weensy little bit to the idea that I was out of the running, but who wouldn’t?  You know the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been riding.  Posing for that darn picture alone filled me with angst.  I know I expressed some intense feelings and maybe even seemed a little resentful in Monday’s column.  I’m Italian for goodness sake.  I mean what do you expect?   Plus, I was over it by Tuesday.  Honest, I was.  Still, I owe Mr. ABC Executive an apology.  Here goes.  Mr. ABC, Executive, I am very sorry for my behavior on Monday.  I was very belligerent and I won’t let it happen again.   Please accept my sincere apology.

Phew.   That didn’t cost me anything and I feel much better, but you’ll have to excuse me now.  I have a date with my treadmill to work off all of the comfort food I’ve been consuming since Monday.  The camera adds ten pound you know.   Wish me luck.

Till tomorrow…  Good night.  Sleep tight.

*To see “GMA” Advice Guru’s 15,000 Submissions: Teachers, nurses, hairdressers, bartenders, and stay-at-home moms applied for yourself, paste the following link into your browser and hit GO.


8 thoughts on “Advice Guru Fantasy World, Here I Come Again!

  1. OK…first I can “totally” see your photo on the GMA web page next to Sam Champion or maybe instead of Sam Champion…while you are frantically searching for that…look to the right you will find the GMA Shout Out Board….a daughter has posted TWO messages to robin and george about the Guru position and her MOTHER!!! Have we missed something here?

    • Do you think anybody really reads those? Perhaps I will make an appeal tomorrow for followers to vote for me on the GMA Shout Out Board. We’ll see what happens. Oh, and thanks for the tip…

  2. Great news! Of course you are still in the running! I will keep my fingers crossed – Mr. ABC Executive will see that your application shines above the rest and you WILL be hearing from them soon! …Got my super T-shirt yesterday – it is awesome and I will wear it proudly down on the river while running! – Have a great day. – Con

  3. Loving the posts.
    I am hoping and wishing for you. Best of luck!
    Got my t-shirt today…am going to wear it to school tomorrow to help promote.

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