My Parachute Is Blue. What Color Is Yours?

Tuesday, November 4 was the last time I discussed the status of my Good Morning America Advice Guru application.  If you are a faithful Just Another Ordinary Day follower you will recall that based on GMA’s Robin Robert’s and George Stephanopoulos’ on-air update, I calculated Monday, November 8 to be the date by which I should have heard whether or not I was still in the running.  Obviously, Monday, November 8 came and went without the hint of a phone call attempt by ABC (sigh).  I know you’re all tiptoeing around thinking to yourselves, “Ooooh, we don’t want to come right out and ask, but it looks like no news really was bad news after all.”  Yep, I was thinking the very same thing for three days.  I was walking around feeling sorry for myself, wondering if it was time to go ahead and break down; you know, start reading What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles and map out my next career move.  Don’t pity me yet, because on Friday, November 12 during Good Morning America, Robin and George (here we go again) announced  that ABC executives hope to have completed the process of telephoning all candidates advancing to the next round over the next three weeks.  WHAT!  So, we’re back to no news is good news!  Hallelujah!  I’ve still got a foot in this race!  I AM SO EXCITED!

Three weeks from last Friday brings us to Friday, December 4.  That seems so far away.  I CANNOT STAND THIS WAITING!  I take that back.  I’ll wait.  Last Tuesday when I thought for sure I was out of it, I would have traded my disappointment over not being contacted by GMA in a heartbeat for the chance to be waiting again, if only for the sheer hope of it.  The problem with waiting, though, is that I’m not hopeful all the time.  I know, it’s hard to believe, but I am having doubts.  There.  I said it.  I’m not always the “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” that everyone thinks I am.  The longer this whole search process goes, the worse it gets. Take for example, the little miniature versions of Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos that sit on each of my shoulders and plant thoughts in my head.  Mini Robin sits pessimistically on my left shoulder and says things like, “1 in 15000.  HA!  You’re never going to get this job.  Drop it and move on.  You’re a housewife for Pete’s sake.  Stick with laundry.”  Itty-bitty George on the other hand (or rather shoulder) is the optimist.  From his perch on my right he whispers sweetly in my ear, “You have just as much of a chance as everyone else and I think you’re wonderful!  Have faith!  Keep hoping!”

Now,  I don’t know why Robin manifests as the pessimist and George as the optimist, but I have a theory.   I can only speculate, but I feel certain that mini Robin’s attempts to hold my thoughts captive emanate from her own insecurities.  I can’t blame her for feeling threatened by the prospect of my joining the GMA team.  I mean, in her shoes, who wouldn’t be?   She sees her matriarchal position in jeopardy once I’m onboard, and is trying to discourage me to the point of withdrawing my application all together.  Then there’s itty-bitty George, who is my morale booster, “Mr. Positive.”  Of course, his agenda for keeping me motivated enough to stay in the competition is as transparent as mini Robin’s is for knocking me out.  I’m guessing old George got a gander of my photo, you know, the miracle photo that I submitted with my application.  If I do say so myself, I look pretty good in that photo and itty-bitty George is probably figuring something like, “Well, if I’m going to stick in my two cents, I might as well lobby for some early morning eye-candy for me and Sam (Champion).”

Anyway, there is this incessant struggle between optimism and pessimism going on in my head about this whole advice guru thing.  One minute I see the glass half-full and the next I see it half-empty.  IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!  The bottom line is, I really want the job.  There, I admit it, and if I don’t get it, I’m going to want another one like it.   So, to prepare for the worst case scenario and help pass the time while I wait for my phone call from the ABC-Powers-That-Be, I decided to do some soul-searching.  Actually, soul-searching was a little daunting so instead  I took a free on-line quiz based on the book What Color Is Your Parachute by this guy, Richard Bolles.  Now, I don’t go in much for that pop-culture-psycho-babble stuff that first started sprouting up in the 70’s, but Dick might actually be onto something here.  You are never going to believe the results rendered by my taking this quiz.  This is absolutely true.  I promise I am not kidding.  Following are the honest to goodness results of my quiz answers.

  • “BLUE – To Love and Be Loved Your heart-felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others. As a Blue personality you are gifted with tremendous people skills.
  • You’re a heart felt communicator who has a strong need to make a difference in the lives of other people. This strength is immediately noticeable in the way you make connections and bring out the best in those you encounter. People usually feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence. 

You love to build self-esteem and make others feel good about who they are. You can easily motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives and reach their potential. This natural talent makes you excel a counselor, teacher, social worker and journalist, but the list is far greater in the book.”  (

OH MY GOSH!  Helloooooo.  I was born to be the Good Morning America Advice Guru and let me tell you something Mr. ABC Television Executive, if you can’t see it, you must be blind.  I AM A NATURAL BORN ADVICE GIVER.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the bookstore to buy myself the latest edition of What Color Is Your Parachute. You can leave a message if you call while I’m gone.

Till tomorrow… Good night.  Sleep tight.


1 thought on “My Parachute Is Blue. What Color Is Yours?

  1. Dick didn’t mention anything about being a “PERFECT” DWTS contestant….those talents are probably listed in the book…maybe you should forward this to R&G (wonder what color their parachutes are)…could be the sign ABC has been looking for since they seem to be having such a hard time with the process of choosing the perfect GMA AG!!!!

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