The Proof is in the Pudding

“The morning after Brandy’s dismissal from “Dancing With the Stars,” the 31-year-old singer and actress said she was shocked that lower-scoring Bristol Palin trumped her and will head to the finals.” ( Brandy, Brandy, Brandy.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? (IYCSSN Rule)

Brandy has made comment after comment like this about her opponents all season long and yet, she has the audacity to wonder why people didn’t vote for her?  Let me tell you, Brandy’s ousting has nothing to do with racism or some Tea Party political conspiracy.  If Dancing With the Stars was purely and simply a dance competition, Brandy would be in the finals, no question about it.  However as we all know, Dancing with the Stars is much more than a dance competition.  We, the television viewers of the United States of America, are far less concerned with dance ability than we are with character.  We get to know the competitors by observing the way they interact with each other as well as the way they receive both positive and negative feedback from the judges.  We unconsciously take in subtle expressions and body language, which for most of us means the most important performances are often not the ones that take place on the dance floor.  The fact is, viewers perceive Brandy as an arrogant, condescending prima donna.  Period.  There does not appear to be a single convivial bone in her body, or an ounce of humility pulsing through her veins, and her attempts at graciousness come off as superficial.  From early in the season she conveyed an air of superiority, peering down her nose at the other competitors as if to say, “I am the clear frontrunner,” before the nitty-gritty dancing ever started.  And another thing, Maksim’s display of poor sportsmanship along with his unwillingness to accept responsibility for choreography missteps last week didn’t win their partnership any favors with the voters either.  Of course that is just the assessment of this loyal DWTS fan, but I must not be alone or Brandy and Maksim still would be vying for the mirror disco-ball trophy.

Speaking of loyal Dancing With the Stars fans, did you hear about the guy in Wisconsin who was so distraught over last night’s results that he shot his television?  It really happened.  I swear.  He was so upset that Brandy was booted and Bristol wasn’t, that he grabbed his shotgun and aimed squarely at his telly and fired away.  He apparently barricaded himself in his home threatening suicide because of the injustice Brandy suffered, citing that Bristol only received more viewer votes because she is the daughter of a former vice-presidential candidate.  He ended up landing in a standoff with a SWAT team until this morning.  I am not kidding.  This really happened.  Now I admit that I fantasize about being on the show and all, but this guy takes fanaticism to a whole other level, either that or he’s a Democrat.

Finally, here’s what I have to say about “teen activist,” Bristol Palin.  I am not going to dispute that Bristol (bless her heart) has been the weakest dancer in the pool for sometime now.  Mercy me, her judges’ scores have been the lowest in the pack since Carole Brady got the ax.  How then, you wonder, does she manage to dodge the bullet week after week?  I’ll tell you.  What she lacks in dance she makes up for in character.  Period.   One more thing, being Sarah Palin’s daughter may have gotten Bristol on the show, but her mass appeal has nothing to do with her mother and everything to do with the fact that she is just another ordinary person like the rest of us.  I’m not saying, “ I told you so,” but listen up Mr. ABC Television Executive, regular people are good for ratings.  That’s right.  Check it out.  The proof is in the pudding.  Go Bristol.  Go Bristol.  It’s ya’ birthday.  Go Bristol.  There’s hope for me yet.

Till tomorrow…  Good night.  Sleep tight.


2 thoughts on “The Proof is in the Pudding

    • Absolutely (about the graciousness)and absolutely (about the voting). One more thing. You have to promise me you will NOT resort to felonious behavior when you accompany me to L.A. should, by some bizarre stroke of bad luck, I be prematurely voted off the show. OK?

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