Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Recap

I suppose I should blog about the Dancing with the Stars finale.  I’ll be honest.  I’m finding it a little difficult to get inspired.  After the drama of the last week, it feels a little anti-climactic, doesn’t it?  There were no surprises last night:  Bristol in third, Kyle in second, and (drum-roll please) Jennifer Grey took home the mirror ball trophy as expected.  True to form, this finale was an extravaganza full of Hollywood hoopla, fringe, false eyelashes, and of course, confetti.  No DWTS finale would be complete without the requisite return of previously eliminated contestants to perform their favorite dances.  Brandy performed a beautiful quickstep and as I watched Maksum twirl her around the dance floor, it suddenly dawned on me that she really was the second best dancer in the semi-finals.  I maintain that she doesn’t hold a candle to Jennifer Grey, but she was a much stronger dancer than either Kyle or Bristol.  That’s when this question popped into my head.  How is it that Kyle Massey, clearly a distant third to Jennifer and Brandy, escaped the onslaught of criticism and controversy that Bristol was forced to endure?  I mean, if the argument is that Brandy belonged in the finals based on her dance skill and talent, she probably should have beaten both of them wouldn’t you say?  I find it odd that members of the Brandy Got Screwed movement never contended that Kyle didn’t belong in the finals.  Bristol was the only target of their ire. Hmmm.  Interesting.  Now I’m not going to be like “those” people and try to speculate why, or make any sort of accusations.  All I’m saying is it’s something to ponder, isn’t it?

So to wrap it up, here’s what I took from this season.

  1. Women in their late forties to early fifties find favor with viewers (Jennifer Grey and Yours Truly);
  2. Charming, charismatic extroverts find favor with viewers (Kyle Massey and Yours Truly);
  3. Unlikely, ordinary people who land in the mix for one reason or another that does not include actual bona fide celebrity status find favor with the viewers (Bristol Palin and Yours Truly).

Combine these facts with my blue parachute and you have to agree, it’s just a matter of time.  I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but I really want to be on Dancing with the Stars next season.  And while we’re talking about horses, Mr. ABC Television Executive, let me remind you that EVERYBODY loves a dark horse.  Giddy up.  California here I come.  Wish me luck.

Till tomorrow…  Good night.  Sleep tight.


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