Sans Stroller

I babysat for an 11 month old little girl yesterday for about three hours.  It was exhausting.  I decided to take her to the park for a walk.  I forgot, however, how heavy strollers can be.  It took us exactly one hour to complete one loop around the entire park.  It usually takes me about 20 minutes to cover the same distance sans stroller, which is how I roll these days.  It’s been close to 15 years since I pushed a stroller around a park, changed a diaper, buckled someone into an infant car seat, or handed someone a pacifier.  Do you know what I discovered as I was doing all of those things for my little friend?  I do not miss doing them at all. Nope.  Not one single bit.  Oh, of course, I found myself reminiscing about my own babies during the hour it took to push that stroller around the park.  What mother wouldn’t?  Those are memories that will forever put a smile on my face and a wistful feeling in my heart, but I don’t miss those days.  Nope.  Not one single bit.

I love being a mother.  I have loved each and every moment of raising my sons.  I loved the days when they were naughty.  I loved the days when they were nice.  I loved the shining moments and the painful ones.  I have loved every minute of every day, but I don’t miss a single one of them now that they have passed.  Nope.  Not one single bit.  I don’t long for the days when my sons were babies, toddlers, school aged, or awkward teenagers because I am consumed with the joyful excitement that comes with watching their lives as they unfold each and every day.  I am too busy enjoying each day as it comes to miss the ones that are long gone.  I  have loved living in the moment at every stage of motherhood.

So I find myself traveling a little lighter.  I’m sans stroller these days, that’s how I roll.  Do I miss my babies?  Do I miss my little boys?  I must say I find I am a bit surprised by the truth.  Nope.  Not one single bit.  I love thinking about those days.  I cherish the memories and I’ll tell you stories about my boys from days gone by that will bore you to tears.  I remember every detail like it was only yesterday, but I don’t miss those days. Nope.  Not one single bit.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  I’ve had my turn at pushing a stroller around a park, changing diapers, buckling little people into infant car seats, and handing out pacifiers.  Now it’s my turn for other things and that’s perfect for me.  I have always loved being a mother and I always will.  In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I love being a mother more today than I did yesterday, and not as much as I’ll love it tomorrow.  Once a mother always a mother…I’m simply sans stroller…that’s how I roll these days.

TIll tomorrow… Good night.  Sleep tight.


3 thoughts on “Sans Stroller

  1. I cherish the time my daughter was an infant and I cherish the time that I have with her now…perhaps even more so as I am getting older. I cherish my grandsons and son-in-law, by the way is more like a son . I love my little family with all my heart and soal. My god bless each and every one of them for making my life meaningful. Without my husband and family, I have nothing. Love you all. Mom

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