Happy National Hug Your Cat Day

Today may seem like just another ordinary day, but it’s not. Today is May 30, 2012, which, I am told, means it is National Hug Your Cat Day. Seriously, I looked it up to see if it’s legit and it is, but I can’t help wondering.  Do the cats know about this? I don’t have a cat (never have – I’m a dog person) so I don’t know much about them, but it seems to me cats generally are not the hugging types. I suppose that’s why cat people need a special holiday on which to hug their pets.

Humor is the best medicine for what ails you.

The way I see it, the world’s population is divided into two categories:  cat people and dog people.  That’s not to say if you like cats you can’t like dogs and vice-versa, but people typically fall into one camp or the other.

Take me for example. I’m a dog person, and still, I think cats are pretty cool. The best thing about cats is they are low maintenance. I was talking to a friend (cat person) who happened to mention she’d gone out of town for a long weekend and left her cats at home alone.

“You left your cats alone? In your house? For an entire weekend?” I asked, thinking I can’t even get on my treadmill without barricading the dog in the kitchen.

“Sure. I do it all the time. I set out enough food and water to last as long as I’ll be gone and make sure to leave them with a clean litter box.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Nope. Now, I can’t leave them for more than about three or four days, but yeah. They’re fine on their own. Sometimes I think they prefer it when I’m not there.”

Sheesh. You can’t even leave a goldfish for more than a day without finding the little guy floating, belly up, at the top of the bowl. When I go out of town I have to board my dog at the kennel, which inevitably causes her to poop in the living room for a couple of days upon my return in order to punish me for leaving her in the first place. Unlike my friend’s cat, my dog prefers it when I’m there.

Yes indeed, cats are low maintenance all right. No need to walk a cat, or bathe a cat, or entertain a cat for hours on end playing fetch, or clean up after a cat who’s unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper just for the fun of it, and certainly never a need to pry your favorite Kate Spade sandals out of a cat’s mouth. Cats are low maintenance pets, which makes owning one very appealing. In fact, it makes me wish I was a cat person…but I’m not. Unfortunately, I’m a dog person and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Pet orientation is not something you choose. It’s as much a part of a person as race or height or eye color and for me, dogs are the bomb. I’ll take a dopey, drooling, smelly, mangy dog over a dignified, tidy cat any day of the week.

For one thing, dogs don’t snub you the way cats do. A mere glance at a dog sends him into seizures of joy. No ifs, ands, or buts…dogs flat out lovelovelove you, and they’re not ashamed to show it.

Loving a cat, on the other hand, is like harboring an unrequited crush on the captain of your high school football team. You know he’ll never notice you and yet, you never give up trying to get his attention, and when you finally do, he stares back blankly wondering who you are or worse ignores you altogether.

It seems to me cats generally are not the hugging types. I suppose that’s why cat people need a special holiday on which to hug their pets. Today may be National Hug Your Cat Day, but every day is hug-your-dog-day.


10 thoughts on “Happy National Hug Your Cat Day

  1. 1) The inventer(s) of “National Hug Your Cat Day” either did not consult cats or simply steeled themself from the “I wouldn’t care if you rode off a cliff” stare which they received in response.
    2) I wish my cats could get the memo about being tidy. One loves to come out of our stone basement as dirty as can be, and the other stages protests (if you know what I mean) outside the door of the litter box (I have a giant plastic desk chair mat under ours to protect the floor).
    3) They are able to be left alone, making them a good choice for working people and weekend trippers, but when you are home, they make it clear that their needs are preeminent. And don’t forget to brush them, unless you like cleaning messy coughed up hairballs from your favorite bedding, table cloth, etc.
    4) Cats are indifferent and can be of many moods. I choose never to hug mine because I work for Emergency Medicine all day and don’t want to wind up back in the Emergency Department on my time off.
    5) Some cats are more affectionate than others, can act a bit more like dogs and can unravel a role of toilet paper. They keep you humble and make good employees when it comes to rodent control. One of my cats actually likes to be picked up and held, but also likes to scratch, claw and bite when the wind blows in another direction. My other cat is in love with my dog. I love my cats, but I too REALLY love my dog.

      • Hedgehogs. Chestnut and Wally may have passed, but I’m still a member of the Hedgehog Welfare Society.

  2. I love dogs, they are your best friend. You walk into your house and get the biggest welcome. You can punish them and they beg your forgiveness, at least mine does. You may have to walk them…..thank god they don’t go in a box like cats do. I’d much rather carry a plastic baggie with me and pick it up and be done with it. I cringe to think of cat poop in the house. Don’t get me wrong I don’t own a cat and never would but I understand how many people love their animals as much as I do my dog. I think they are nice/cute at a distance,but that’s it. Actually, I even get sick when I’m near a cat….allergic maybe. Anyway give me a dog any day. By the way it took one year to convince my husband to get a dog again. We lost our last one 25 years ago to cancer of the liver. The day he said “yes” was the day I adopted Reese. He’s not a pure mini-pin, but we both love and spoil him rotten. He’s only dirtied in the house once because he got sick . He’s a pretty special little guy, spoiled – certainly. Hats off to all the cat and dog lovers, pets are pretty special especially when you get a good one.

    By the way, growing up my mother had a cat, it let her know when it had to go out. The cat would go to the window when it had to go out. When it wanted to come back in it came to the same window and meowed and my mother would let it back in. I never played with the cat, didn’t hurt it in any way, but couldn’t stand it around me.

    • THanks for the vote of confidence, Christine! Hope all is well. By the way, is # 2 headed off to college in the fall or does my memory fail me? Congrats…1 to go!

  3. I’m presently modifying my en-suite bathroom and as a consequence I am on the quest for inspirations, this helped alot, many thanks

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