2 thoughts on “Top 10 Only in America

  1. Since the late days of the Civil War, the black communities within the borders of the United States have blamed the white majority for their plight in this country. When they garnered their freedom after the war, they blamed whites for not being able to step right into a ready made life riches and respect, both of which should be earned if you want to be recognized as an equal to any society. Over the generations, the mind set that the white race is to blame for their down trodden state in life has been fostered by parents. Yes, there were some blacks who realized that it wasn’t the responsibility of the white communities to shoulder the blame luck and destiny. If the black, spanish or other races want to assign blame for their current situations, point the fingers at yourselves and your parents ! It is the each person’s own fault for not living up to their potential. We all have a brain and the ability to utilize the the basic intelligence ( otherwise known as common sense), that God gave us. Stop blaming anyone other than yourself for you lot in life. If you don’t like it, do something constructive about it !! Stop trying to get something for nothing. Live your lives and raise your children with a sense of maturity, responsibility and morality to self and community. If you want your children to be respected when they are grown, send them to school and make sure they are properly educated. Don’t let them run the streets while you are at work. Take personal responsibility for yours and their actions. Raise them with a genuine respect for ALL people. Yes, the fault for the racial problems in this country are of those races own making. Yes, the truth hurts ! Turn it around. It will be the black society that will have to make the changes in their own plight, if they want to see a change. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, raise your children properly and take responsibility for what you are doing.

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