FLOTUS Initiative du Jour: Drink Water! Drink Up!

In her never-ending quest to eliminate childhood obesity (and insult the American people), First Lady Michelle Obama (FLObama) has launched yet another healthy initiative: Drink Water. Drink Up.

Seriously. Apparently (and you’ll want to sit down for this revelation) our bodies contain up to 70% water so FLObama has made it her mission to get all of us to drink more of it. DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Sorry. I’m confused. Don’t we know this already? Does anybody honestly believe drinking water – such an obvious thing to do – really requires a national initiative? What’s next? Breath Oxygen. Breath Up. It reeks of self-aggrandization if you ask me, but lately so does everything undertaken by the First Couple. I can’t decide who is more narcissistic: POTUS or FLOTUS.

Anyway, FLObama kicked off her Drink Water Drink Up campaign in (get ready) Watertown, Wisconsin, which might be funny, if it wasn’t so INSULTING. The thing is, as long as you can laugh at stuff like this, you’ll never cease to be amused. So with that in mind, here’s my spin on Drink Water, Drink Up.

The First Lady’s failed Healthy School Lunch Program leaving a bad taste in your mouth? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Unemployed and can’t afford anything else? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Tired of drinking the Kool-Aid? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Copyright © Antoinette Datoc All Rights Reserved


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