3 thoughts on “CNN Poll: Will Obamacare help you?

  1. The law isn’t designed to help everyone. It’s designed to help those who can’t buy insurance at an affordable price. That’s why it’s called the Affordable Care Act. I don’t need it now, but maybe someday I will, and if that day ever comes, I’ll be glad that it’s available.

    • I agree, Joe. The intent of the PPACA, and healthcare reform in general, is to help those who need it. If you read the bill and contacted the IRS for clarification regarding the Shared Responsibility Payment for Not Maintaining Coverage (i.e. tax penalty for non-compliance with federal coverage mandate) as I did, you would understand nothing really changes for the very poor, who remain eligible for Medicaide. Folks like you and me, who can afford to, may keep their private insurance and if we’re lucky enough to have policies that meet the new insurance coverage mandates that accompany PPACA not much will change. Many people, however who intended to maintain their private insurance, are receiving letters from their companies informing them that their particular plans are no longer available because they do not meet the PPACA coverage mandate. In all of these cases, the compliant plans made available involve large premium increases. This is just one of the many he unintended consequences of PPACA. The plethora of families and individuals attempting to purchase coverage through the PPACA exchange are finding premiums are not as affordable as they were led to believe they would be. It’s why so many people are opting out and instead choosing to pay the Shared Responsibility Payment for Not Maintaining Mini um Essential Coverage (you may recall this was the “penalty” that SCOTUS ruled was indeed a “tax” in it’s rendering PPACA as constitutional – another whole story). Anyway, in Georgia, the average increase in insurance premiums (for both those maintaing private insurance and those participating in the exchange program) is among the highest in the nation. Why do you think the Teamsters led the charge for an extension on compliance? There are many, many more unintended negative consequences the impact business owners. Again, why do you think big business lobbied (successfully) for a one year extension on compliance? There is so much wrong with this law I pray the day never comes when you need to participate because I’m sure you will find, like many Americans, it is far from affordable.

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