An open letter to liberal feminists: girls don’t have it any worse than boys

About 13 years ago I sat in a parent-teacher conference with my son’s elementary school teacher. After providing a glowing summary of his academic progress she explained if she had to comment on an area in need of improvement it would be his conduct from time to time. When I asked her to elaborate with specific examples, she explained that he was always polite and respectful, but highly energetic and sometime boisterous. “Sometimes he runs when he should be walking.” She punctuated her comment with “he sure is all boy!”

“Yes,” I said. “That is because he is, in fact, a boy.” I pressed for instances of poor conduct and misbehavior and she emphasized that he wasn’t bad… “just all boy.”

Matt Walsh, thank you for so eloquently expressing what I not only believe to be true, but also experienced first-hand over nearly 25 of years of raising sons.

The Matt Walsh Blog

Dear Liberal Feminists,

A couple of days ago I wrote about a new feminist campaign called “Ban Bossy.” I won’t rehash the topic, but if you somehow missed out on the latest Outrage Du Jour, allow me to sum it up thusly: some female celebrities and feminist business moguls have come together to invent another petty reason to feel offended and persecuted. This time, they’ve decided that the word “bossy” is sexist.

I dedicated about 1,700 words to picking this silliness apart, which is probably about 1,700 words too many. I think, at this point, an exaggerated eye-roll and a loud yawn is all this sort of unbearable politically-correct sophistry deserves.

Yet, from this concocted controversy, a real and urgent issue has revealed itself.

You see, my Ban Bossy post was met with a myriad of comments from feminist women who claimed that, starting from a young age, girls are discouraged from being assertive and opinionated, while boys are lauded and praised for…

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