My Dog, Pudge

Thank you to my son, Christian Datoc for alerting me: Today is National Dog Day!

Just Another Ordinary Day

Have you ever been loved by a dog?  Not dog as in, “You need to leave that lyin’, cheatin’ dog,” or, “She’s a real dog, but has a great personality!”  I mean an honest-to-goodness-four-legged-tail-wagging-bad-breath-in-your-face dog because, regardless of pedigree (yours – not the dog’s), nobody will ever love you like a dog.  A dog’s love is unconditional and the only thing he expects from you is a lasting place in your heart.  Did I mention that I’m loved by the best dog in the entire universe?  That’s right.  My dog, Pudge, is THE BEST DOG IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  Please do not attempt to argue that your dog’s better.  He’s not.

Pudge loves me more than anyone loves me.  She loves me more than my husband loves me.  She loves me more than my kids love me.  When I get home after a two-week vacation or a five-minute…

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