Facebook Comment Wednesday

Credit for the following post goes to Randolph Scott Stewart from Wheeling, West Virginia, who wrote it as a Facebook comment. Thank you, Mr. Stewart.

Don’t be fooled.
The Republican House repeatedly sent proposals to keep the government running while disputed areas were debated. It was Senate Democrats who rejected this and shut down government.

Liberals complain that these controversial areas are laws passed by a democratically elected government. They neglect the truth that part of that government had been a Democrat House, which was changed to a Republican House when people saw the controversial measures the House Democrats were passing, just so they could “find out what’s in them”.

Ergo, it is the democratically expressed will of the People that these controversial issues are shelved for at least further debate while the Government continues doing its job.

Ergo it is the fault of Democrats and the Democrat Senate, and of Obama and Reid, that the government is on “shutdown.”

Get hold of your Rep and Senator, let them know whose fault it is for the shut down. Let them know you know that it was the Democrats that postured for political points, refusing to pass a temporary measure that allowed controversial issues to be discussed separately.