Confederacy of Dunces

The Confederacy of Dunces is at it again… spewing forth with no regard for fact or truth. I literally gagged when I watched this clip.

Then there’s Megyn Kelly.

and part two…

…but it wasn’t terrorism in the name of jihad. It wasn’t even a bloody, savage murderous act. It was workplace violence.  Yeah. Because, according to Melissa Harris-Perry and social justice comedian (whiskey, tango, foxtrot???) Negan Farsad, Muslims are funny. So I guess that makes Muslim Jihadists hilarious. Yep. The heinous beheading of an innocent American on American soil by a self-proclaimed Muslim Jihadist. That’s what I call a laugh riot. How about you?

Heaven. Help. Us.


Rosie O’Wackjob… At It Again

You know the awkward silence that follows a really stupid comment? It happened again. On The View. 

I can’t get out of my head that Syria has a lot of oil is the stupid comment that spilled from Rosie O’Wackjob’s pie hole and prompted this week’s awkward silence. It was in response to cohost, Whoopie Goldberg’s comment – So the U.S. is at war again – when  referencing President Obama’s address to the United Nations on the U.S. and Arab airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Yeah, Rosie, the bombing is motivated by a financial agenda and has nothing to do with the threat ISIS presents to America or those savages’ beheading innocent American journalists. It’s all about the oil. Why, why, why do media executives continue to give this woman a microphone?

I don’t often agree with Whoopie Goldberg, but she got it right this time. I can’t decide which was more perfect: her spoken reply to Rosie O’Wackjob or her initial speechlessness accompanied by that dazed and confused expression. You can see it for yourself at 16 seconds into the video. Priceless.


President Obama foolishly mocked Governor Romney’s insightful warning that Russia represented a geo-political threat and when Governor Romney tried to warn us about Iraq, again President Obama dismissed the idea by describing his opponent as being “new to foreign policy…”

#WakeUpAmerica #ObamaWrongAgain