A New Kind Flash Mob

There’s a new kind of flash mob, hitting shopping malls these days, designed to incite violence and provoke anger. Silly me… I thought flash mobs were supposed to make people happy. Then again, some people aren’t happy unless they’re complaining about something.

From our friends at Young Conservatives.

Protesters in the St. Louis area decided to expand their cause from demonstrating against the shooting death of black man Michael Brown to becoming “freedom fighters” in the struggle for “racial equality.”

Demonstrators decided to deliver a message to all of the “racist white people” in the area by invading a local mall and shouting their demands for freedom, although most in the crowd are still puzzled over what freedom these people actually want, seeing as how they have the same rights and protections as everyone else.

If you’ve got an extra 3 minutes and 42 seconds to play with sometime today, take a gander at this manufactured outrage.

More from our friends at Young Conservatives:

This seems a tad bit over dramatic, don’t you think?

It’s pretty obvious that these people are race baiters that have been brainwashed by too much exposure to folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, men who make their living stirring up racial division.

The angry young lady in this video continues to chant about fighting for her freedom, saying she has nothing to lose but her chains, yet it’s not the white man who is keeping her down. It’s progressive Democrats, many of whom she likely hails as heroes.

If she were really concerned about fighting for freedom, she’d squash the racially charged rhetoric and join forces with the millions of Americans who are standing up against an ever expanding government that’s doing its best to hook people on welfare and steal away their rights.

Hopefully these people will wake up to reality and stop falling for the lies being told to them by slick progressive politicians and left-leaning media and start fighting against the real enemy that seeks to take away their freedom.

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