Confederacy of Dunces

The Confederacy of Dunces is at it again… spewing forth with no regard for fact or truth. I literally gagged when I watched this clip.

Then there’s Megyn Kelly.

and part two…

…but it wasn’t terrorism in the name of jihad. It wasn’t even a bloody, savage murderous act. It was workplace violence.  Yeah. Because, according to Melissa Harris-Perry and social justice comedian (whiskey, tango, foxtrot???) Negan Farsad, Muslims are funny. So I guess that makes Muslim Jihadists hilarious. Yep. The heinous beheading of an innocent American on American soil by a self-proclaimed Muslim Jihadist. That’s what I call a laugh riot. How about you?

Heaven. Help. Us.


Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Watch Something Other than Fox News

Just when you thought it was safe to a watch something other than Fox News…

In case you hadn’t heard, Melissa Harris-Perry recently joined the ranks of Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow as the newest member of MSNBC’s confederacy of dunces with her bizarre on-air stunt that quickly shifted from political protest to GLAMOUR DON’T.


Harris-Perry donned a pair of tampon earrings (yes you read it correctly: TAMPON EARRINGS), hand-crafted by her producer, Lorena (a.k.a. Lorena Keep-Your-Day-Job) in an attempt to stand in solidarity with all tampon-wearing Texans protesting a new state law banning abortions after five months because (and I am quoting Ms. Harris-Perry now)

  • because of course you remember that the Texas state legislature said that you couldn’t bring tampons in when they were going these women to in fact stand up for their own reproductive rights. You weren’t allowed initially to bring tampons. So, just in case that ever happens again ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings. 

I am not kidding.  That’s what she said.  So in case you were wondering, it appears strong communication skills are not a prerequisite for employment by MSNBC.

For those of you not fluent in idot-speak, allow me to decipher MHP’s irrational pukings.  First of all, you need to know she got her maxi pad..I mean  panties all bunched up in a wad over what she mistook as some sort of unconstitutional banning of tampons by the Texas State Legislature.  Or maybe she just had PMS.  I don’t know.  However, what I do know is that in all her rantings MHP neglected to mention that when searching bags (which is standard for anyone attempting to enter a state government building) in addition to the unblemished tampons being confiscated from the handbags of unsuspecting innocents, law enforcement officers also confiscated used tampons (yes, USED TAMPONS), other feminine hygiene products, bricks, and jars of urine and feces from protesters.

If you’re a normal person, you must be wondering why protestors were carrying soiled feminine hygiene products, bricks, and jars of urine and  feces in their handbags.  I’ll tell you why.  Because they intended to throw them at pro-life legislators from the gallery during the ongoing debate over proposed abortion restrictions in the Texas senate on Friday, July 19.  Nice, right?

If you’re a normal person you also must be wondering  what sort of a people believe it’s acceptable to throw soiled feminine hygiene products, bricks, and  urine and feces at other human beings.  I’ll tell you what sort.  They are the sort of people who lack even a hint of human decency and respect for human life.

I’ve nothing left to say except if the tampon earrings fit, wear ’em.