You Say White House Ebola Response Coordinator, I Say Ebola Czar

You say toe-may-toe. I say toe-mah-toe. You say White House Ebola Response Coordinator. I say Ebola Czar. Either way, President Obama’s appointment of Ron Klain has as been a bit of an enigma for most Americans.

I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense to pick someone, say, with an infectious disease or public health background? Or at least some sort of medical doctor? But “he’s strong. He’s very tough,” said CNN political analyst David Gergen. “It’s important in this job to be a coordinator; you have to knock heads together. He’s tough enough to do that.” Okay… now I get it. POTUS was looking for someone to arm wrestle ebola, not actually coordinate the government’s response to the deadly virus. Ron Klain… you da man!

Anyway, in addition to possessing bouncer-like brawn and burliness and a super-awesome head of hair, Mr. Klain’s other noteworthy qualifications include being the Obama administration’s point man in the Solyndra fraud; the muscle behind 2000 presidential candidate, Al Gore’s, Florida ballot recount debacle; and former Chief of Staff and trusted advisor to Uncle Joey McMensa…

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.59.18 AM…AND, rumor has it, he stays at Holiday Inn Express when he travels.

Just in case you’re still not convinced Ron Klain is a competent choice, you’ll want to check out the Daily Caller’s list of Candidates Who Are Way More Qualified To Be Ebola Czar Than Ron Klain.

You say poe-tay-toe. I say poe-tah-toe. You say toe-may-toe. I say toe-may-toe. Poe-tay-toe. Poe-tah-toe. Toe-may-toe. Toe-mah-toe. Let’s call the whole thing off.


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Even Wretched Leaders Lead

On a Sunday evening in mid-June, 2014, U.S. Special Operations forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, an alleged ringleader of the September 11, 2012 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the deaths of four Americans. A few days later, this status update appeared in my newsfeed “Leaders Lead” posted along with this Washington Post article which depicts the details of the capture.

This is great news and this presidency certainly deserves to be credited with catching the bad guy, which incidentally cancels out one of the five senior Taliban bad-guy- terrorists POTUS released from Guantanamo Bay ALL ON HIS OWN, you know as in without notifying congress as required by law, because “there wasn’t enough time.”  Oops. Did I break the law? It’s that forgiveness vs. permission executive thing to which he seems to feel entitled. Yeah, leaders lead alright.

Seriously, are we supposed to stand up and cheer for a president who is charting a course toward becoming one of the most wretched leaders in the history of our country… and the world? And I while I’m only speculating, it’s my bet the loved ones of those four Americans killed on 9/11/2012 think the recent actions taken in response to the attack are a day late and a dollar short. What was the name of that anti-Islam video again? Hmmm. Can’t remember, but if you’ve got about five minutes, here’s one for you. It’s worth your time.

I can’t dispute that leaders lead, but what makes a successful leader? Regardless of integrity and core values, the trait that all successful leaders share is the ability to exercise a high degree of control and influence over others. Period.

Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Mao ZeDong, Kim Jong II, Robert Mugabe, Bashar al-Assad, Moammar Qaddaffi, Than Shwe, Yoweri Museveni, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Ayatollah Ali Kha were and are all highly successful leaders. So yes, leaders lead, even the wretched ones. Clearly, large segments of the U.S. voting public are oblivious to this reality. Heaven help us.



FLOTUS Initiative du Jour: Drink Water! Drink Up!

In her never-ending quest to eliminate childhood obesity (and insult the American people), First Lady Michelle Obama (FLObama) has launched yet another healthy initiative: Drink Water. Drink Up.

Seriously. Apparently (and you’ll want to sit down for this revelation) our bodies contain up to 70% water so FLObama has made it her mission to get all of us to drink more of it. DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Sorry. I’m confused. Don’t we know this already? Does anybody honestly believe drinking water – such an obvious thing to do – really requires a national initiative? What’s next? Breath Oxygen. Breath Up. It reeks of self-aggrandization if you ask me, but lately so does everything undertaken by the First Couple. I can’t decide who is more narcissistic: POTUS or FLOTUS.

Anyway, FLObama kicked off her Drink Water Drink Up campaign in (get ready) Watertown, Wisconsin, which might be funny, if it wasn’t so INSULTING. The thing is, as long as you can laugh at stuff like this, you’ll never cease to be amused. So with that in mind, here’s my spin on Drink Water, Drink Up.

The First Lady’s failed Healthy School Lunch Program leaving a bad taste in your mouth? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Unemployed and can’t afford anything else? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

Tired of drinking the Kool-Aid? DRINK WATER! DRINK UP!

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If It Quacks Like a Duck

POTUS: “I didn’t set a red line…”

EVERYBODY ELSE: “Yes you did.”

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck… it’s a duck.