And You May Now Slap Yourself in the Head

Keg Stand Bros FINAL-HRpajamboy

If you thought it was impossible to create something more slap-yourself-in-the-head-stupid than the Brosurance and Pajama Boy ads, think again. Just this morning, another painfully absurd piece of Obamacare propaganda wound its way through cyberspace and plopped itself squarely in my newsfeed. The video, featuring  fitness guru, Richard Simmons and contortionist, Nathan Barnatt, represents only a fraction of the six hour infomercial serving to anchor Tell A Friend-Get Covered, the latest (not to mention most tasteless and unseemly) campaign aimed at persuading twenty-somethings to enroll in Obamacare. Like slowing down to gawk at a horrific car wreck, I guarantee it will be impossible for you to suppress the urge to watch the entire four minutes and 23 seconds of this video so you might as well hunker down and get comfortable.

Bizarre, right? So bizarre, in fact, that you even may have mistaken it for a parody, but I promise this is for real. For starters, it’s a dance-off. A 1980’s street-style dance-off between Richard Simmons and Nathan Barnatt, which suggests the target demographic is more along the lines of morbidly obese, middle-aged female fans of The Gong Show and rock ‘n roll oldies rather than healthy millenials. Second, while the image of Richard Simmons clad in one of his signature wife beater t-shirts is hardly odd, the choice for Mr. Simmons to wear one, bedazzled with gold sequins forming the silhouette of a naked man and woman holding hands, seems wildly inappropriate. As if that single fact alone isn’t enough to scorch your retinas, take a moment to review the video and pay particular attention to the two strategically-positioned clusters of darker sequins, one each on the naked man and naked woman. Stop pinching yourself. You are not hallucinating. They are indeed intended to depict pubic hair…or possibly fig leaves…either way, tasteless and inappropriate. AND…you may now slap yourself in the head. 

I have no idea what fitness gurus, contortionists, dance-offs, wife beater t-shirts, pubic hair (or possibly fig leaves) have to do with Obamacare, but then I had no idea what keg stands, pajamas, hot chocolate or young men who resemble Rachel Maddow had to do with Obamacare either.

pjboymaddowMaybe I’m out of touch with the younger generation, but if I were going to “tell a friend” something about this latest, most desperate attempt to promote Obamcare enrollment it would be this.  There’s no way it’s going to inspire anybody to “get covered.” Period.

If you have six hours to waste, you can watch the entire Tell A Friend-Get Covered infomercial here or for a quicker laugh (i.e. to see more ridiculously insulting Obamacare ads), click on the links below.

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