Confederacy of Dunces

The Confederacy of Dunces is at it again… spewing forth with no regard for fact or truth. I literally gagged when I watched this clip.

Then there’s Megyn Kelly.

and part two…

…but it wasn’t terrorism in the name of jihad. It wasn’t even a bloody, savage murderous act. It was workplace violence.  Yeah. Because, according to Melissa Harris-Perry and social justice comedian (whiskey, tango, foxtrot???) Negan Farsad, Muslims are funny. So I guess that makes Muslim Jihadists hilarious. Yep. The heinous beheading of an innocent American on American soil by a self-proclaimed Muslim Jihadist. That’s what I call a laugh riot. How about you?

Heaven. Help. Us.


Who is Brigitte Gabriel?

Brigitte Gabriel is my hero. Please watch and share.


Who is Brigitte Gabriel?

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