I Am Googleliscious

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Michael Bolton, one of the few Dancing with the Stars legitimate “stars” was eliminated this week.  Okay, so he’s no Baryshnikov, but Bruno didn’t need to be so catty either.   At least Bolton’s a real honest to goodness star, a talented singer, songwriter and musician.  I was sorry to see him go for that reason alone.   I really don’t have a problem with the smattering of “stars-once-removed” who contend for the mirrored disco ball trophy each season.  Folks like Laila Ali, Heather Mills (the ex Mrs. McCartney), and Bristol Palin simply do not bother me for some reason.  My pet peeve is that regular ordinary people who have not an ounce of talent (like yours truly) get to be on the show (and I don’t).  The name of the show is DANCING WITH THE STARS not DANCING WITH THE ORDINARY PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT AN OUNCE OF TALENT!  (Here comes the green-eyed monster.)  I mean, come on!  If you’re going to let one regular Joe chasse’ around the dance floor, you’ve got to let the rest of us have a go at it.

Recently, I heard some one comment that nowadays reality television and YouTube make it easy for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to become famous. How else could it be that Kate Gosselin and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have become common household names?  Kate Plus Eight, Jerseyshore, The Real Housewives of Atlanta…I am a real housewife of Atlanta – THE REAL THING – and you don’t see me being catapulted into fame!  You’ve heard of Style Channel’s Jerseyliscious?  Well let me tell you, I AM GOOGLELISCIOUS! Go ahead and Google IYCSSN Rule (I coined that a few posts ago) and see what happens.  That’s right, Mr. ABC Television Executive;  Just Another Ordinary Day, is smack at the top of the list of websites rendered by that search.  So there, I’m creating a brand here, but has anybody from Dancing with the Stars called me about season 12? Nooooo.  And while I’m letting off steam I don’t care what anybody says, Bruno needs to get some manners.  He was very rude to Michael Bolton on Monday night.  Constructive criticism aside, hasn’t he ever heard of the IYCSSN Rule?

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to faithful blog follower, Tim.  I never would have known about my Googlelisciousness were it not for your comment.  Keep reading.

COMING SOON: Free IYCSSN Rule tee shirt  to the first 50 email subscribers to this blog.  Really.


7 thoughts on “I Am Googleliscious

  1. I agree Bruno was totally out of line with his cruel comment. Not only should he learn some manners he should remember that being a judge on DWTS doesn’t give him free reign to be down right mean. I have no use for mean people !
    But on a more positive note you are most definitely, positively, totally GOOGLELISCIOUS !!!!!!

  2. Great job on the site Ant. My ECBA site is built on a word press format as well. Now on to your blog! It would be tough for you to give truthful advice as you always look at the glass half full. You are too nice and in today’s age edgy sells and while you hate those judges on DWTS, their negativity sells. Sorry, I love you for who you are and would never want to see you stoop to their level. Your best served guiding and directing your friends and family. Beside what would we do without you, if you went off and made it big time!!!

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